SILENCER TURRET GATE & FZA SYSTEM - (Flight Zone Avoidance System) 


Less People, Less Stress, Added Safety 

The Turret Gate is an advanced gate design that shuttles back through the centre Turret, repositioning behind waiting animals. It eliminates the need to swing the gate back open into waiting animals and virtually eliminates the need for humans to be in with the cattle. The gate is controlled remotely and significantly reduces the stress on animals. The Turret can swing forward and back and at the same time shuttle. Turret gate helps keep your cattle calm and your people safe.


Closing a gate at the back of a forcing yard places staff in the high impact zone where many serious staff injuries occur. As animals are pressured into smaller pen size, their stress increases, which can result in both animal and staff injuries. The practice of swinging a gate back into oncoming cattle sends a mixed message, which creates further stress. The Turret gate virtually eliminates contact with animals in this high impact area with the use of its 320-degree operational swing and shuttle feature. The remote control enables the user to operate the Gate from up to 30 metres away. The Turret Gate operates off low pressure with hydraulic pressure release set so cattle cannot be crushed or injured. 

Less Labour Required  

The Turret Gate is very easy to use and does not require experience or skill to operate. The automated movement lowers the stress on cattle by eliminating human contact in potential high-impact areas. Less staff is required and staff are safe. 

Reduces Stress on Animals 

Automated animal movement lowers animal stress, increasing their safety, and virtually eliminates human contact with animals in potential high-impact areas. Humans are able to stay outside the animal’s flight zone while the animals flow through the Turret Gate without added pressure or the use of electric jiggers. The remote control helps create this no-stress area for animals and humans. 

Easy to Install and Use  

The Turret Gate (including anchoring) is easily installed and up and running in no time. 

New or Existing Facility

Silencer FZA System and Turret Gate are custom built and can adapt to new or existing facilities or can be customised to your existing structure. Multiple gates may be used in sequence. They can be used within the complete Flight Zone Avoidance System (FZA) or as a stand-alone product. 

Components Sourced Separately 

Each component of the Silencer FZA System including the Turret Gate can be sourced separately.


Turret Gate                                                Length       Width      Height         Approx. Weight 

Turret Gate (base plate).                           1220         1220         2515                  

Turret Gate 9 ft. (space needed).            3050          1220        2515                 816 kg             

Turret Gate 12 ft. (space needed).          3050          1220        2515                 907 kg 



Modular Race Ways  


All Race Ways include an emergency exit with swing out panels on both sides for emergency access. Race Ways are engineered with hydraulic powered rear folding tail gates that adjust vertically to hydraulically lift tailgate up and off lead animal backs. Rear Fold Tail Gates are lowered when required, to block entry into the race. 

Reduced Stress and Injury 

The cushioned entry frame of race way reduce shoulder bruising on cattle.  

Adjustable Side Panels 

Comes with adjustable side panels which can be easily closed in from the bottom when processing smaller cattle preventing animals turning around blocking the race way.  


Silencers noise reduction system includes high-density polyethylene side panels for noise reduction creating less stress on animals.  

Easy Access 

Every Race Way includes swing out panels on both sides of the race, making race ways easy to access for emergencies, cleaning and maintenance. 


Silencers Race Ways are adaptable, with approx 3 meter modular sections fitted together and anchored for maximum customization and functionality.  


                                         Length         Width       Height     Approx. Weight 

Single Race Way             3207            1222         2286               816 kg 



Stand Alone Rear Folding Gates 

These can be easily installed in NEW or Existing races. Manual Rear Folding Gates can be simply mounted in existing races removing the need for man operated sliders creating a continuous steady flow of animals. 

All Components can be Ordered Separately

Manual Stand Alone Rear Folding Gates can be ordered separately. 


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