Silencer Testimonials.

"If you are unable to afford a Silencer Hydraulic Crush, I suggest you wait 12-months until you can and don't waste your time with anything less!"

Bruce Hutchinson - Hutchinson Grazing, Tireen Stn, Eidsvold, Qld

“The Silencer Crush, due to its almost noise free construction, cattle draw through with less stress. Our preg testing hourly rate has almost doubled. The cows are happy to stand with the correct use of the squeeze and therefore there is no need for a kick gate. This lessens the work load for the technician.”

Richard Luck - Junee Pastoral, Dingo Qld

 “The Silencer is the SAFEST and QUICKEST crush I have worked with!! In our air-operated crush, it would take two days to process our bulls, with our new Silencer Hydraulic Crush we are doing the same amount of bulls in only one day." 

Nick Forbes - Manager Lawson Angus, Yea Vic

"Our air crush wouldn't hold bulls in the head bail! I have asked people for years, 'Where can I find a crush that will hold bulls?' The answer was always the same, 'There isn't one.' But now I can tell everyone the Silencer will hold any bull no matter how big and angry!!"

Michelle Muller - Bull Unit Lawson Angus, Yea Vic

“I ran into the induction shed thinking the crush was not working only to find out that the silencer was running perfect no NOISE!”

Richard Nicholls - Manager JBS Caroona Feedlot, NSW

“At Smithfield feedlot, we have moved to using all Silencer Crushes simply because they are the softest crush on the animals I have used. Every aspect of this unit is designed for animal comfort and control, which is our number one priority".

Ryan Brown - Livestock Operations Manager Smithfield Feedlot, Proston Qld

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