Recommended uses: Stud properties, Breeding centres, Research.

Keeps cattle calmer while hoof and leg work is performed. The tilt bottom swings down and out of the operator’s way. The extended length of the hydraulically operated tilt crush provides room for bull testing and cow palpation, yet adapts to hold even 150kg cattle. The Tilt crush controls are remote so that the operator can adjust the crush even when an animal is laid on its side. Optional hydraulic leg pull and hydraulic calf pull available on the SILENCER Tilt model


If Chute has Front-Back Pivot Controls - Add 75m to Height

If Chute has Side-Side Pivot Controls - Add 125m to Height

Each chute comes with a one-year warranty. 

Tilt Model Options

  • Pivot controls & pivot with overhead scales (left or right controls) - front-to-back or side-to-side
  • Rubber-belted louvers on sidegates
  • Hydraulic lower squeeze
  • Side Exit - left, right or both
  • Hydraulic neck bars (adjustable) – 2 neck bars included
  • Hydraulic head restraint – left or right
  • Hydraulic leg restraint
  • Neck extension bar (each)
  • De-Horner head restraint – left or right
  • Rear walk-through doors (660m) – (per side) left, right or both
  • Additional neck access - (per sidegate) left, right or both
  • Hydraulic kick bar
  • Brisket Bar
  • Stand-alone rear gate
  • Hydraulic calf pull
  • Power supply options: 5 HP Electric Hydraulic Pump (industrial motor with pressure relief valve & quick couplers) – 1 or 3 phase; Petrol Powered HPV 550 Hydraulic Pump: Honda 6.5 HP engine, hydraulic pump, two spool valve with pressure relief, reservoir, oil filter, female quick couplers, carry package includes handles
  • Scale options: Weigh-Tronix Platform Scales (6-load bar system)