A Comparison between a Manual Crush and a Silencer Hydraulic Crush

The Result

  • The Silencer reduces labour costs by 53%
  • The Silencer reduces cattle processing time by 51%
  • The Silencer is more cost effective over its working life by $113,920

Silencer also provides additional benefits

  • Reduced staff injuries
  • Reduced hard work
  • Reduced cattle stress and bruising

A comparison of cattle processing time efficiency and the cost of labour.

Return on Investment of a Silencer Crush


  • A standard Manual Crush is essentially a “Fixed Cost” and an essential requirement to   process cattle.
  • The cost of a well-built Manual Crush is around $ 14,000
  • The additional investment in a Silencer Hydraulic Crush compared to a Manual Crush is around $15,000
  • An Additional 2.33x Manual Crush’s will need to be purchased to process the equivalent number of cattle as 1 Silencer Hydraulic Crush.
  • The purchase outlay of a Silencer Hydraulic Crush compared to a Manual Crush to process 280,000 head of cattle is $ 3260 less when compared to a Manual Crush.

385 people received injuries handling cattle in a cattle crush last year.

Bruising and fractures were the main injuries and mainly due to kicks, entrapment and trampling.

Rehabilitation before returning to work on most injuries, averaged between 3 – 6 months.