Hydraulic Lower Squeeze 

  • Maximum Head Control and Neck Access – To achieve maximum head control and neck access for precision vaccination placement, a squeeze crush must have maximum body control! SILENCER has the most inward travel as a separate function. That means a crush hydraulic lower squeeze must be a separate function from the top squeeze, and must be designed to use continuously. 

  • Prevent Dropping – Use hydraulic lower squeeze to keep animals from dropping down in the crush. Other brands of hydraulic crushes don’t have enough lower squeeze adjustment to prevent cattle from dropping. 

Head Control

  • SILENCER’s hydraulic neck bars - provide more neck access by controlling the animal’s head three ways: left, right and straight ahead. The neck bars provide 40 cm of extra neck access per side for precision vaccination placement. Soft rubber cushions on the hydraulic head restraints and neck bars provide a quick efficient way to control the head for vaccinating, mouthing, drenching, and tagging or other access to the neck area. "They can only wiggle their ears."

Louvered Blinds

  • Louvered Blinds - The angled, louvered blinds prevent animals from seeing humans in their flight zone when they enter the crush, reducing hesitation in moving forward to the head door, yet the operator's sight is not hindered. Animals stay calmer with less lunging and jumping while allowing the operator to work closer to the crush without causing agitation of the animal.

Pivot Controls

Pivot Controls

  • Easy Adjustments – Optional Pivot controls allow the crush control lever bank to be easily moved from side-to-side, or from front-to-back of the crush, by simply pivoting the crush controls. They adjust vertically up and down for maximum operator comfort.    

Side & Emergency Exit

  • Side Exit – Side Exit is available on the right, left or both, sides.

Rear Walk - Through Door

  • Options - Rear walk through doors (palpation doors) are available on all SILENCER Models. Extended Model Crushes are built extra long to allow the operator to completely step in behind the animal in the crush for AI, semen checking, pregnancy checking, embryo transfer, etc

Hydraulic Head Restraint

  • Head Control – A quick efficient way to control the head to one side with access to the neck area for vaccinating, mouthing, drenching, tagging, RFID, etc. Control of the head makes safer environment for the operator and keeps the animal calm by removing the opportunity to work itself into a frenzy by jerking head around. A pre-set pressure relief valve that directs large volumes of oil at low pressure assures the quickness of the hydraulic head restraint operation—yet light pressure on the animal.
  • Adjustable – The hydraulic head restraint adjusts for various sizes of cattle. 

De-horner Head Restraint

  • Access – The hydraulically operated de-horner head restraint pushes the animal's head down making horns more accessible.  
  • Use – The chute’s head doors can be released quickly at any time, even when the de-horner head restraint is in use.
  • Options – The SILENCER de-horner head restraint can be used along with the adjustable neck extension bars and the hydraulic head restraint. 
  • Additional Neck Access – SILENCER provides the most neck injection area while still holding the animal securely for precision vaccination on 180kg to 1100kg animals. The SILENCER provides 10cm of neck access room between the neck extension bars and the head door and 30cm extra neck access behind the head door for a total of 40cm extra neck access per side gate. Some crushes on the market have a design flaw of about 28cm of inaccessible neck area per side gate. Consider the economic benefits of SILENCER's extra neck access for precision vaccinating. 

Reduced Stress and Injury

  • Full Opening Doors - The Silencer’s patented head and tail doors open fully, top to bottom, for the industry's most advantageous cattle flow. When the animal approaches or exits the crush, SILENCER's full opening tail door reduces hesitation and tripping. The head door is wrapped in rubber to prevent should re damage.
  • Rubber Neck Bars - Silencers design makes sure animals’ heads and necks are protected with soft rubber neck bars, greatly reducing injury and bruising.
  • Equal Pressure - Silencers head door uses the least amount of pressure (top-to-bottom) on the animal at 200 PSI, minimising animal stress and injury. A preset pressure relief valve directs large volumes of oil at low pressure, assuring head gate quickness yet light pressure on the animal. These head doors keep the animal calm by removing the opportunity to work itself into a frenzy jerking it's head around.

Noise Reduction (NRS)

  • Sheathed Contact Points - SILENCER's patented Noise Reduction System (NRS) consists of oil-based, high density polyethylene material covering the 130 contact points located on both squeeze panels, guaranteeing a quiet crush over its operating life.
  • No Steel-on-Steel - SILENCER's “Smooth-Action” drop bar and drop pan latches have no steel-on-steel contact points, virtually eliminating the steel-on-steel chatter of other manufactures crushes that will only get noisier over time!

Promotes Efficient Flow

  • Crush Entrance and Exit - SILENCER’s head doors move slightly forward and ahead while completely opening, giving the animal the sense that they can move ahead. The SILENCER is also designed so the animal doesn’t have to step over, trip, or jump when entering or exiting the chute.

Rear Walk-Through Doors

  • Options - Rear walk through doors (palpation doors) are available on all SILENCER Models. Extended Model Crushes are built extra long to allow the operator to completely step in behind the animal in the chute for AI, semen checking, pregnancy checking, embryo transfer, etc

Hydraulic Kick Bar

  • Safety – The NEW standard in added safety. No more kick gates. No more posts, no more pipe. Have you ever tried sliding a post or pipe in behind an animal only to have the animal kick the post or pipe? The post or pipe can be more dangerous than the animal’s kick. How many injures occur and close calls due to kick gates been kicked back or inadequately latched?

Rebar Floor 

  • SILENCER's optional slotted high test rebar floor will outlast the mild steel 3/4" channel slotted floors used on other crush brands. Slotted floor consists of 3/4'' high tensile rebar with a 3/4'' spacing between. The rebar floor allows manure to fall through the floor of the crush, keeping the chute cleaner during processing. 

Brisket Bar 

  • May be used on mature animals. Bar is easily removed by loosening two acorn nuts.

Replaceable Parts

  • Many parts on the SILENCER are replaceable and greaseable in order to extend the life of your system. SILENCER’s modular design makes replacing all main pivot points simple. Head and tail doors are interchangeable by quickly removing bolts and nuts. SILENCER's drop bars are replaceable on Heavy-Duty and Commercial Pro models. Take out one bolt, remove drop bar, clean out hair and debris, and re-install drop bar to add years to crush life.

Scale Options

SILENCER offers two scale options: Platform scales and Overhead scales. 

  • Platform Scale - Silencer low profile platform scale mounts keep scales low to the ground foe increase flow in and out of the crush
  • Overhead Scale – Promotes longer scale life and easier clean-up. The crush is hydraulically lowered to sit on the ground to reduce load cell stress when processing and not weighing cattle. Hydraulically lift the crush to weigh cattle and then lift higher to give plenty of ground clearance to hose out underneath.

Power Supplies

  • Electric Power Supply – SILENCER electric power supply and pump available in single and 3-phase, equipped with standard oil breather/fill cap, spin-on filter and reservoir in a self-contained unit.
  • Petrol Power Supply – The Honda 6.5 HP gas pump for use in remote operations is equipped with dual spool valve with pressure relief, reservoir, oil filter, and female quick couplers. The package includes handles for easy transport.

Portable Options

  • SILENCER crushes are easily portable and offers two different carrier options.The Yoke (for road use) and the Carry All (on property only)

Each Crush is Custom Built

  • Each SILENCER Hydraulic Squeeze Crush is custom built to meet the needs of each customer’s operation. Tell the guys at Catagra Group about your livestock operation and we'll help you select the SILENCER options to maximise  your livestock processing operations.