How do I decide which model Silencer I require ?

As a guide, if you process up to 10,000 head per year the Standard Ranch model is what you would require. Processing over 10,000 head per year and you would require the Heavy Duty model. Properties with large stud type animals doing AI and embryo transfer programmes would most likely require the "extended" model or Silencer MAXX

Do I have to pre order ?

Yes. Silencers are custom built for clients. Every Silencer that enters the manufactures factory is pre sold. You won't find Silencers anywhere, even in Nth America sitting around in some dealers yard waiting to be sold. We have a range of models, features and power supply units which we order and have built to suit your processing operation.

What is the delivery time to get a Silencer ?

We have production slots pre booked with the manufacturer with shipments arriving regularly. Keep in mind that It can still take up to 4-5 months to take delivery. 

What are the advantages of hydraulic verses pneumatic (air) operated crushes ?

Silencer Hydraulic crushes are set with pressure release valves so cattle are not being crushed and bruised. The hydraulic levers provide good operator "feel" meaning the front and back gates can be slightly opened or closed to entice an animal in or slow an animal down. Compare this to a pneumatic crush when any movement of the control toggle either opens the gate fully or slams it shut. This makes it difficult to catch an animal that balks or rushes. Also, there is no ability to apply a little extra pressure if an animal struggles or to release a little pressure when needed. With no pressure release valve bruising and stress is greatly increased.