"We find the accuracy and ease of the Repro-Scan unit just great. The greatest benefit for us is the convenience to preg check cows paddock by paddock without the stress of having a large yard full of  cattle.” 

Lawrie Duncombe - Clark Hills, Pentland Qld

"We have used the Repo-Scan now for a few years and have found the speed and accuracy in doing large numbers a great benefit. Being able to detect early pregnancy and being able to age fetuses more accurately has been a huge benefit to the operation. We have found the Repo-Scan easy to use and the after-sale service and help has been excellent.  We would recommend the Repo-Scan to any size operation where pregnancy testing is used.

Clint & Sharon Fletcher - Wave Hill Station, NT

"We have been using the Repro-Scan in our operation for 4 years. It has given us the convenience of preg-testing any number when we require. It has given us the ability to pick up fetal losses. In return our breeder herd has become more productive. Training and backup service has been extremely helpful. Repro-Scan is a useful tool for any breeder operation”.

Brendon & Fiona Kemp – Capilla, Qld

“Since incorporating the Repro-Scan into our induction regime, we have been able to efficiently manage pregnant heifers into our feed yard. The Catagra team have provided practical service & training so that we’ve had a smooth transition to incorporate the Repro-Scan into our Feedlot programs. For anyone that is looking to improve their pregnant heifer management, it would be hard to go past the Repro-Scan”. 

Phil Lambert (Operation's Manager) - Teys Australia, Condamine, Qld

“Our 50th calf hit the ground today and so far, there has been a 100% correlation with the Repro-Scan prediction of AI calves. The sex of the calf, where you had stated it, has also been 100% accurate. it is very gratifying to see the proof”.

James Masson - The Rock Angus, NSW

“In June this year we purchased our Repro-Scan and have found it has become an essential tool in our business.  The early and accurate detection of pregnancy enables us to grade fertility in our herd with confidence and better utilize bull exposure.  After manually preg testing for the last 24 years we have found with the unit we are detecting pregnancies 2 months in advance which has already led to better marketing opportunities. The team at Repro-Scan were second to none with great advice and quality service.

Peter and Sue Gray- The Rivers Brahmans, Marlborough, Qld