ReproScan LED
Multi Probe Options

Repro-Scan LED Unit

Recommended users:  

  • Dairy units with all year joining's and confirming 30-35 day pregnancies on a weekly basis. 
  • Mixed practice veterinary clinics for smaller numbers of bovine and equine reproductive examinations and also small animal examinations.
  • Sheep and goat producers for pregnancy scanning.
  • Cattle and Sheep producers for measuring Back fat.

Suitable application:  Bovine, equine, sheep, goat reproductive examinations. Back fat in cattle and sheep.


The LED Unit is a lightweight portable unit and comes with multiple interchangeable probe options. An affordable unit with multiple uses.

Package options include:  

ReproScan LED package. Suitable for mixed veterinarian clinics and comes complete with a probe of your choice. Add any addition probes to suit your scanning requirements.


ReproScan LED / LCD portable monitor package. 
Suitable for a variety of uses.
1.With portable LCD monitor plus the 4.0MHz convex probe with extension arm, now suitable for bovine and equine reproductive examinations. 
2. With portable LCD monitor plus the 3.5MHz probe, now suitable for scanning sheep, goats, etc.
3. With portable LCD monitor plus 6.5MHz probe, now suitable for measuring back fat in cattle and sheep.

Trainings available.

Repro-Scan "LED" units come with 2 year warranty.


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