How accurate are Repro-Scan units?

This is like asking how accurate is this rifle. It depends on the person using it. With training and a little practice you will soon become very accurate. Remember, you are able to view the pregnancy on the screen rather than feeling by hand and imagining. Think what happens to your accuracy when preg testing manually and you arm is hurting and you have all but lost feeling in your hand?

How long will a unit last before I wear it out?

We have some clients who preg test a lot of cows in a season. There are Repro-Scan units out there working and still going strong having scanned close to 150,000 cows.

How hard are Repro-Scans to use?

Physically they are very easy to use and there are lots of young girls using them. With the Repro extension arm you can be in and back out of the cow very quickly. The probe is only 4 cm in diameter so compare this to the size of someone's hand. Also, you are not up to your arm pit when a cow lunges, flexes sideways or drops down so you are not struggling, maybe injuring your shoulder or hyper extending your elbow 

How easy is it to learn?

We have trained well over a hundred people. Only one person has given up during the days training. You will need to dedicate a day to learning and then be prepared to follow up with a little practice. After training, students often take photos or videos on their smart phones of odd images they are unsure about and then send these to us. We can comment on these and help them out until they build confidence.

What If I don't use it for a few months. Will I forget?

It is much like riding a horse. Once you have learnt and practiced a little you don't forget. You will have the USB training materials to refer back to and also videos of actual live scans to watch again if you need to remind yourself. 

Why would I spend the money when I can preg test by hand?

I guess this depends on what value you place on your time. If you could preg test 50 or even 100 cows more per hour what would that be worth to you. How much labour and time does this free up for you and your staff to be doing other things. Perhaps you get your staff trained to preg test to free yourself up. You may also want to consider the cost of mistakes being made preg testing by hand. Many cows are mis diagnosed with manual preg testing.

How reliable are these Repro-Scan units?

Generally they are very reliable and they come with a 2 year warranty. They are built durable, dust proof and splash proof. Like everything else, if you look after them they seldom give problems. If something did go wrong you would send it to our Service Department for repair and then it would be sent back promptly.

What if I break that probe?

Most clients insure their Repro-Scan units. Again it's important how you look after it, just don't go using the probe to belt the dog or using it as a stick. If you did happen to break it we would have you back up and working in a few days.
This is not anywhere near as bad if you broke your arm preg testing !

How early can I identify a pregnancy?

You will learn to quickly and easily view pregnancies as early as 5 weeks.

How easy and accurate to age the pregnancy?

In the first 3 1/2 months ageing is easy and very accurate. Later in gestation you can give an indication into months. To accurately record joining dates pregnancy diagnosis must be done early regardless of what method of preg testing is used.

Can the sex of the calf be determined?

Yes, by a skilled technician. This takes some practice where sex of the foetus can be determined accurately between 60 and 110 days of gestation. Earlier than this and the foetus is undeveloped and later in gestation it is to deep in the abdomen.