BoviScan Curve

Repro-Scan "BoviScan Curve" Unit

Recommended users: Beef producers. Feedlots. Dairy units. Mixed practice veterinary clinics. 

Suitable application:  Bovine and Equine reproductive examinations.


The BoivScan Curve Unit is our latest model. A more affordable unit designed with the Beef and Dairy producer in mind. Designed similar to the Repro-Scan XTC unit with a few less features. Built tough and simple to use. Suitable for on property use. 

Package options include:  

BoviScan Curve 8" LCD Monitor package: Suitable for beef cattle with the LCD monitor designed to hang crush side. Dust proof and rugged, designed for bright sunlight conditions.

BoviScan Curve OJOs Goggles package: Suitable for veterinarians and for use in Dairy operations. Lightweight and portable, this allows the operator to be mobile and able to move along a race full of cattle unhindered. 

BovScan Curve 19" Feedlot Monitor package: Suitable for preg testing heifers on induction into the feedlot. The large 19" monitor allows the BoviScan unit to be set at maximum depth of 22cm. This enables the feedlot crew to quickly identify pregnant heifers. Dust and splash proof.

Note:  BoviScan Linear Veterinarian Ultrasound Unit.
The BoviScan Linear unit has 6.5MHz linear probe with the same features and looks of the BoviScan Curve unit.
Suitable for arm in Dairy and Equine reproductive examinations.

Training available.

Repro-Scan "BoviScan" units come with 2 year warranty.


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