About Catagra Group

Catagra Group is a Queensland based company that specialises in reproductive and cattle handling solutions for livestock operations. We are the exclusive Australian and New Zealand dealers of Repro-scan Ultrasound units. We are also the exclusive Australian dealer of Silencer Hydraulic Cattle Crushes, Silencer Turret Gates and Silencer Flight Zone Avoidance Systems.  

The Catagra Groups team has first hand knowledge of their equipment gained from very hands on experience from within both the Beef and Dairy industry prior to becoming involved as dealers of these products.

REPRO-SCAN Ultrasound Units.

Catagra Group work very closely with the Repro-Scan company based in Alberta Canada where the Repro-Scan Ultrasound units and the unique Convex probe where developed. The combined partners of both companies have several million cows and close to 15 years ultrasound pregnancy testing experience. 

We know first hand what equipment works and the environment that its expected to work in. 

Also, from having a close working relationship with many of our clients with both beef breeding operations and high producing dairies we have seen the increased performance and profitability gains made from embracing this technology and implementing sound reproductive programmes.

ReproScan units are in use with many veterinarians, technicians, modern milking dairies, beef breeding operations and Feedlots spread now from Northern Queensland and NorthernTerritory to dairies in Victoria, Tasmania, and New Zealand. In North America from frozen Quebec in North Canada, and across to the Texas Panhandle. 

Further research and development is an ongoing process by ReproScan in Canada.  We have ReproScan service providers in both Australia and NZ. 

Catagra Group provide working demonstrations, trainings and ongoing support to clients.

SILENCER and Silencer Flight Zone Avoidance Systems.

When in Kansas USA looking at Silencer Hydraulic Cattle Crushes and Silencer Cattle Handling Systems the old human adage of " You only know what you know" or " That's all there is " became very apparent.

We where use to working in cattle crushes that where noisy, often with design faults that where down right dangerous, animals stressed and knocking themselves about and on top of that a lot of labour required just to get the job done. Fatigue and staff injuries where again all just part of the process.

Labour shortages, inexperienced labour, staff safety and animal welfare are all challenges faced by the beef industry everywhere. 

We realised very quickly that Silencers advanced design features increased processing time efficiency and at the same time required way less effort. Animals were calmer, virtually eliminating any bruising and injuries. Less labour was required and staff injuries were dramatically reduced. 

The animals natural behaviour has been well studied and cleverly worked into the design of the Silencer Crush and Flight Zone Avoidance System and not the other way round. What also sets Silencer apart is the attention to detail in having one feature building on the next to provide a smooth easy cattle flow.

Silencers engineering design and workmanship is of the highest quality. Silencers come with the reputation of durability.
Added safety. Less effort. Less people.