Silencer Hydraulic Cattle Crush

The unique features of the SILENCER HYDRAULIC cattle crush has made Silencer the No1 selling crush in Nth America. NOW available in Australia. Silencer comes with the reputation of durability and superior cattle flow. Silencer provides excellent head control which is only achieved by first gaining maximum body control. This in turn reduces stress and bruising to the animal. It also provides an easy, safe working environment for the operator and staff.

Silencer has a patented noise reduction system (NRS) which means no steel on steel contact points anywhere. This virtually eliminates the chatter and noise of other crushes. Hence the name SILENCER. SILENCER comes Temple Grandin endorsed. 


The SILENCER comes in 7 models to fit each operation's needs:

  • Ranch Model
  • Heavy Duty Model
  • Commercial Pro Model
  • Extended Models
    (Ranch Extended, Heavy Duty Extended, and Commercial Pro Extended)
  • Galvanized Model
  • Tilt Model

NEW Silencer MAXX -  Designed with similar features as above models except built 25cm higher and 10cm wider for larger Stud type cattle.

Each SILENCER Crush is Custom Built. Each SILENCER Hydraulic Squeeze Crush is custom built to meet the needs of each customer’s operation. Tell the guys at Catagra Group about your livestock operation and we'll help you select the SILENCER options to best suit  your livestock processing operations.

Videos of Silencer Crushs

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