Reproscan Ultrasound

The ReproScan ultrasound equipment is ideally suited for reproductive ultrasound, especially pregancy testing of beef and dairy cattle.

These units are portable, lightweight, durable and designed to work in the conditions you work. Units are powered by rechargeable lithium batteries with operating time of up to 8hrs.

A very key feature of the ReproScan units is the 4.0MHz Convex rectal probe. This has been a major advancement in terms of ultrasound technology especially for pregnancy diagnosis in cattle. The convex probe compared to the older type linear probe provide up to 5 times the area or field of view. Combine this large field of view with the use of the ReproScan extension arm and you have a very quick, easy, non evasive method of preg testing.

With the correct technique, diagnosis of an empty reproductive tract can be made without necessarily manually palpating the empty uterus.

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Videos of ReproScan XTC

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